Shiro2 is the best-selling cutting steel of our products.
As Ni and Cr are added into Shiro2, quenching performance is better than carbon steel of SK series. Shiro2 is suitable for thicker plate quenching. With excellent ductility, thinner cutting tools are widely used for sharp knives like saws or kitchen knives while thicker ones for axes, hatchets and machinery cutting tools.
As annealing processing makes the steel spheroidizing easier, the quenched and tempered cutting steels afterwards are in the state that spheroidal cementite is dispersed finely and uniformly. It contributes to the improving ductility, preventing knives from getting saw-edged or nicks, and enhancing long lasting cutting performance. Further more, addition of Ni and Cr leads crystal grain into microstructural refinement.
Shiro2 is not so sensitive to the quenching temperature that martensite microstructure does not become rougher, even when the quenching temperature for austenite becomes a little higher than standard. This minimizes the variation of the products from lot to lot and stabilizes the quality.
The composite material, with which soft stainless steels are laminated, has been selling well. With the name of "Stainless steel Clad ", it has established itself in the market and been used by many customers for their palette knives.

Component Standard

C Cr W Mo Ni Co
Shiro2 0.95-1.0 0.2-0.5 - - 0.7-1.3 -

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