As industrial technology develops, the demand from users has become severe, There's no exception in the cutting steel case. Our original cutting steel, V Steel series, is made from very pure ores, and its chemical structure is adjusted for best use for cutting tools. Furthermore, the steel body is highly worked hardened . V-Gin1 is one of these strong and pure V Steel series.
In the structure of V-Gin1, ledeburite primary carbides disperse, and in the matrix( substrate ), fine secondary carbides are evenly scattered. V-Gin1 is generally called "semi-stainless steel".
V-Gin1 shows good grindability on whetstone, unlike stainless steel, which is difficult to sharpen by grinding.
Added 5% of Cr and 1% of Mo, V-Gin1 exceeds common carbon steel in corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
Moreover, 5% of C, and 0.8% of Mn addition realize enough quenching hardness even it is cooled by air.
1% of Mo addition enhances toughness under high temperature and softening-resistance. By adding V, the texture of matrix ( substrate ) becomes finer.
After the adjustment of component, the ingot goes through the processes such as removing the surface mark, forging, hot rolling, and finally makes excellent wrought material.
A composite material, whose core is V-Gin1 and soft stainless steel coating on it, called Stainless Steel Chromax and
it is popular and in widespread use.

Component Standard

C Cr Mo V Ni Co
VGin1 0.95-1.05 4.5-5.5 0.8-1.2 0.2-0.5 0.25 or lower -

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