V Gold 2 and V Gold 5 are stainless cutting steels we recommend you for thin bladed knives .There are three reasons for this ;       

  1. As refined VG2 and VG5 use the material with few impure substances, mechanical properties ( transverse rupture strength, yield point, elongation, drawing, and impact value) of these metals have been remarkably improved and the performance of grinding and smith forgeability show very excellent results.
  2. These metals' component adjustment and structure are also superior as a stainless cutting steel.
    We have been pursuing the better component ratio of Cr and C rather than that of ordinal stainless cutting steels. Curbed the crystallization from eutectic carbide and strengthened the hardness as much as possible, VG2 and VG5, with well balanced in component adjustment ratio, are uniform in fine carbide composition to optimize the corrosion resistance,
  3. Wrought process has been fully done to VG2 and VG5.
    Although raw materials are carefully selected so that ingot has less impurity substance and demixing, it is impossible to remove all of them perfectly. So we work the steel by hot rolling and diffuse the demixing. Rough-structured part has become dense with good ductility. Annealing process is also done sufficiently not to spoil the material features.
Thanks to the above three reasons, VG2 and VG5 possess optimal hardness, ductility, corrosion and abrasion resistance to stainless cutting steels.
The amount of carbon as well as Mo and V in VG5 is a bit more than that of VG2. We recommend you use VG2 for soft cutting, while VG5 for a little hard cutting.

Component Standard

C Cr Mo V Ni Cu
VG2 0.6-0.7 13.0-15.0 0.1-0.2 - 0.25 or lower 0.25 or lower
VG5 0.7-0.8 13.0-15.0 0.2-0.4 0.1-0.2 0.25 or lower 0.25 or lower

Steel heat treatment temperature heat treatment hardness
annealing quenching tempering annealing quenching tempering
VG2 800-850
mild and slow cooling
air, oil cooling
air cooling
95 or lower 58 or higher 56 or higher
VG5 1040-1070
air, oil cooling
59 or higher 57 or higher

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