V1 and V2, washed steels carefully selected from fine materials, hold as little as impure substances such as P,S,Cu,As, which contributes to excellent sharpness of V1,V2 knives.

  1. Fewer impurities
  2. Easy heat treatment
  3. Better workability (fire forging)

A small amount of chrome is mixed with this V1 and V2 to improve the annealing or quenching performance as well as enhancing ductility and quenching capacity. Both thick and thin cutleries show sufficient quenching hardness, and excellent durability. They are hard to break or bend. V1,V2 structure is entirely adjusted when they are shipped. The adjustment mentioned above means that hot rolling is effective and perfect spheroidizing of carbide(cementite) has been achieved.
Fine spheroidizing of cementite is important for knives. It enhances ductility after quenching and prevents cracks Annealing is sometimes taken less important than quenching, but slow cooling down such as furnace cooling or ash cooling is significant in fire forging, V1 and V2 are easy for spheroidizing annealing.

Component Standard

C Cr W Mo Ni
V1 1.1-1.2 0.3-0.5 - - 0.25 or lower
V2 0.95-1.05 0.3-0.5 - - 0.25 or lower

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